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  • Product description: Chloroxylenol|PCMX|88-04-0

[Product name] Chloroxylenol(PCMX)

[Chemical name] 4-Chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol

[CAS No.] 88-04-0

[EINECS No.] 201-793-8

[Molecular Formula] C8H9ClO

[Molecular Weight] 156.61

[Structure formula]

[Properties]White crystalline powder, slight aromatic odor. Melting point is114℃~116℃, Boiling point is246℃. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in dilute alkali solutions, freely soluble in many organic reagents.

[Applicability] PCMX is a highly effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial and preservative, used to inhibit bacteria, fungi and mold growth. Display a combination of sterilization and preservation of unique, so efficient and no toxic in many sterilization application. The extensive application of sterilization in family, medicine, industrial supplies. PCMX can add to some medicinal powder, soap, hygiene and anti dandruff shampoo. As a preservative and fungicide, Also can be apply in paint, textile, paper making industry, cosmetics and polishing agent.
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