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Shanghai International Dental Expo2018(SDE2018)

Shanghai International Dental Care Expo 2018
Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
June 27-29,2018

National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management 
Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd
Shanghai Commodity Association
Shanghai Yinghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

About SDE2018
Shanghai International Dental Care Expo (SDE2018),organized by National Association of Health Industry and Eterprise Management(NAHIEM),will definitely turn to be a high light of the year for dental care industry in China. SDE2018 aimsto build a real efficient platform for traders to share latest information about new technology, new products and as well to fulfill sales networks.
Different from existing trade shows serving dental industry in China, SDE2018 is dedicating to oral cleaning and refreshment. If you are a brush maker or toothpaste, mouthwash, breath spray producer, SDE2018 must be your bestplatform to find your right business partners. 
Shanghai is no doubt the best gate into the country for commercial purpose. We welcome exhibitors from all over the world to share China booming market in dental care field. Never miss to show up you best products to the 12,000+ serious buyers at SDE 2018. 

Exhibits Profile
Cleansing Products
Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Mouthwash, Breath Spray, Gums, Dental Foss, Tooth Powder, Electronics...

Raw Material
Abradant Activator, Thickener, Humectan, Essence...

Processing & Package
Processing Machinery, Package Machinery, Package Material and Technology...

Dental Care
Dental Cleansing Equipment and Material, Orthodontics Device & Technology...

Booth Cost
Shell Scheme Booth (Standard) (3m*3m)
USD3,000.00/Booth (This Rate Is For Foreign Exhibitors Only)
(Note: 2 sides open booth is subject to a 20% surcharge)
Service Include: Back Wall (White Panels), 1 Desk, 2 Chairs, Lighting, 1 Power Scocket)

Space Only
USD300/SQM (This Rate Is For Foreign Exhibitors Only)
(Note: Minimum 36 SQMS)

Contact Details
Mr.Stone Lod
Tel:86-21-6451-2629, Fax:86-21-6451-6467
Shanghai Yinghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
901, Building#34,Caohejing Industrial Park, 518, Xinzhuan Rd.
Shanghai, China


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