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Shanghai International Cleaning Expo 2018

Shanghai International Cleaning Expo 2018
Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
June 27-29,2018

National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management
Shanghai Commodity Association
Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd

Shanghai Yinghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

About ShanghaiClean2018

The Shanghai International Clean Expo 2018(SCE 2018) is a professional exhibition designed for personal care industry , advocating "Green Environment, Health Care.It takes full use of commercial center of Shanghai to assist quality products to expand the global sales channels. At the same time,SCE 2018 takes active part in exploring sales channels,such as the online retailers,micro business buyers and other emerging business buyers. SCE 2018 is a new impetus for producers and suppliers to get more market opportunities, also helps them occupy different levels of consumer market as well as show the latest cleaning products and cutting-edge technology.SCE 2018 is an important platform for you to fully understand the new products and purchasing trends of cleaning industry.

The Shanghai International Clean Expo 2018 will be held on 27-29 June 2018 in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition will be an indispensable annual event of e-commerce / micro business procurement, supermarket channel, wholesale agent and even the whole industry . The area of the conference is nearly 15000 square meters, and it will be expected to attract at least 300 foreign exhibitor brands, 12000 professional buyers.

Exhibits Profile

Household Cleaner 
(washing powerder, laundry detergent,soap, floor cleanser,toilet cleanser, disinfectant...)

Detergent for Dinning Ware, Vegetable & Fruits, Hard Surface 
(cleanser essence, greasy dirt cleanser, vegetable & fruit cleaser, disinfectant, decontamination cream,kitchen cleanser,
 kitchen ventilator cleaser,bactericide...)

Personal Wash & Health Care 
(hair shampoo, hair conditioner, body shampoo, soap, oral care stuff, facial cleanser, makeup remover...)

OEM/ODM with Private Labling


Who Will Visit?

Decision makers from up-stream & down-stream of cleaning industry;
Agents, wholesalers, distributors, retailors and potential investors;
supermalls, chain drug stores, cosmetic stores, online retailer giants...

Booth Cost
Shell Scheme Booth (Standard) (3m*3m)
USD3,000.00/Booth (This Rate Is For Foreign Exhibitors Only)
(Note: 2 sides open booth is subject to a 20% surcharge)
Service Include: Back Wall (White Panels), 1 Desk, 2 Chairs, Lighting, 1 Power Scocket)

Space Only
USD300/SQM (This Rate Is For Foreign Exhibitors Only)
(Note: Minimum 36 SQMS)

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