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Guangdong EqualChem Co., Ltd (hereafter Equalchem) was founded in 2004 with registered capital of 10 million RMB, it is a high-tech enterprises mainly engaged in a series of fungicide, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, other fine chemicals R & D, production and trade.

Equalchem always adheres to the scientific and technological innovation as a development strategy, and has established the bactericidal & antimicrobialEngineeringResearchCenter. In the development process, Equalchem also has cooperated with universities, is established to support our new product development to satisfy market demand continuously, such asShanghaiJiaotongUniversity,FudanUniversity, East China University of Technology,NanjingTechUniversity.

Equalchem has implemented some science and technology projects fromJiangsuprovince, and obtained 12 authorized patents. Equalchem also acts as the first drafting unit of the industry standard for Cosmetic Ingredients Triclosan.

Equalchem fully implements the development strategy for people oriented, scientific and technological innovation, has a concept for choosing and employing persons for Having both ability and political integrity and appoint people on their merits. Environment policy is harmony and sustainable development.Enterprisespirit is fair and just, forge ahead.

Ø        Member of Chinaoral cavity cleaning nursing association
Ø        Member of China Association of washing products industry
Ø        Registered enterprise in US FDA
Ø        The drafting unit of industry standard for Cosmetic Ingredients Triclosan


Contact: Yu Manager

Phone: 13862976176

Tel: 13862976176


Add: Under Stone Mountain, Tangxia village committee, Donghua Town, Yingde City

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