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Guangdong Equalchem Co., Ltd
Add: 8 Suzhou Road, Beixin Town, Qidong City, Jiangsu, China
(Binjiang Fine Chemical Industrial Park, Qidong City, China)
Tel: +86-13862976176
Mobile: +86-13862976176
P.C.: 226221


QQ:277264237   SKYPE:equalchem

Company statement:

Strictly forbidden that non our company personnel in the name of equalchem hold all kinds of business activties!

Company cautioned:
To protect your legal rights, please contact directly with the company's official website designated contact, thank you for your cooperation!


Contact: Yu Manager

Phone: 13862976176

Tel: 13862976176


Add: Under Stone Mountain, Tangxia village committee, Donghua Town, Yingde City

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